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Mama Mandy Vol. II

Wow!  What a crazy two days!  Mama Mandy and crew came for a visit and for several nights we topped out at 7 girls in the house!  It was a blast though and I am SO glad that our girls got to meet and play together.  I have to admit that I stand by EVERY word I wrote in my first Mama Mandy blog about her being Super Mom.  I have a small anxiety attack every time I am faced with traveling alone with my kiddos but she makes travel with 3 look like a piece of cake!  I love the chaos that existed over the past few days and the fact that most all of our conversations revolved around dreams and fears for our girls.  It doesn't seem like that long ago when our conversations were MUCH different:)....
I love looking at these pictures because I think I'm always going to remember the context in which they were taken.  I worked hard for these suckers!  Ha!  I literally had my 3 year old climbing on my back during some of these shots.  I'm so glad we took them though....how amazingly beautiful are these girls??!!  Love you and your sweet little family Mandy!!!


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