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To Grandmother's House We Go.....

This past weekend we took a MUCH needed trip out of town.  Sometimes it's nice to just get a way from the grind for a bit.  We didn't take an elaborate vacation or anything, but we did take a little day trip to East Texas to visit Mimi and Poppy.  Avery LOVES her mimi and poppy and it's so fun to see her enter that age when she actually knows who they are and their placement in her life.  I love trips to see Mimi and Poppy because that means a small "break" for me:)  As you can see, Avery enjoyed a variety of things during our short visit.  In the few pictures below.....this is how we found her at one point.  She had decided that she wanted to go out the door the same way the dogs did.  She was by herself and we heard her calling to us from my parents room and when we got back there we found her halfway through the doggy door.  I wish I had gotten some good pictures of her from the back end....but I unfortunately didn't have the flash on my camera and the room was pretty dark.  I have to say it was a pretty funny sight!  She is definitely my little explorer!  She also had a blast doing a little watercolor painting with Poppy.  We are looking forward to spending some more time there in the summer!


Jess@Balancing The Dream said...

these shots are beautiful!! I love your style of photography!!!

aimee f said...

those are really sweet shots

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